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Kraft Paper: A Unique and Multifunctional Material in Art and Industry

Kraft Paper: A Unique and Multifunctional Material in Art and Industry

Kraft paper is a type of durable paper and material that is used in various areas of life, from art and handicraft to use in industry, for example for the production of packaging. It is known for its durability, resulting from the properties of the material used for production and the technology used. In this article, we will discuss kraft paper, its history, application and impact on various spheres of the economy, art and everyday life.

History Of Kraft Paper

Kraft paper has its roots in China, where paper was invented in the 2nd century BC. In later times, China was one of the main paper producers in the world. However, the first mention of kraft paper appeared in Germany at the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries. The name “kraft” comes from the German word “Kraftpaper”, which means “strong paper” or “durable paper”.

Kraft paper was originally used to make bags and packaging, due to its durability. To this day, it is used in this way, packing, for example, cement. Thanks to the development of industry and technology, kraft paper began to be used in new fields and in new ways.

Kraft Paper Production

The kraft paper production process is the result of several processes. In general, wood raw materials, such as pine or eucalyptus wood, are crushed into pulp. It is dissolved and boiled in a mixture of water and chemicals that allow access to the pulp. This mass is then dried and processed into a sheet of Kraft paper.

A characteristic feature of kraft paper is its natural brown colour. This is due to the fact that during production all fragments of lignin, which has this colour, are not removed from it. Depending on the application, kraft paper can have different weights and strength.

Application in Art and Handicraft

Kraft paper is often used by artists and craftsmen because of its versatility and texture. It can be covered with pencil, paints, pastels or markers. Its brown colour can be a unique background for works of art and handicraft projects. In addition, kraft paper can be easily folded and easily used to create origami and other paper works.

Packaging and Industry

One of the main applications of kraft paper is to use it in the production of packaging. Due to its durability and tear resistance, kraft paper is a universal material for the production of bags, bags, boxes and packaging. It is often used to create packaging for food products, industrial products and household items. The Kiel-Pak company produces a number of types of packaging from this type of paper, such as: block bags with or without a flat handle, fold bags, flat bags. Kraft paper packaging prints very well, especially using the flexographic technology we use in our company.

Ecology and Sustainable Development

In today’s world, when more and more people pay attention to environmental safety, kraft paper is considered, due to its useable properties, to be extremely ecological. Kraft paper is biodegradable and can be easily recycled, making it much more environmentally friendly than plastic packaging. In addition, the production of kraft paper often uses wood resources from managed forests. This means that a new one is planted in place of each felled tree. Kiel-Pak uses such products with FSC® certification. In addition, we use safe water-based paints that are approved for direct contact with food.

Other Uses

Kraft paper also has many other uses. It is used for the production of paper bags, packaging for goods, labels, envelopes, sheets, as well as a packaging material, securing items during transport. In fact, almost all of us have daily contact with kraft paper, although we often don’t realise it.


Kraft paper is a material with many applications. Its mechanical properties, natural colour and the possibility of printing are the reason why it is used in many areas. It is a material that has long accompanied humanity and still remains one of the most important elements of our culture and everyday life. Thanks to its universal properties, kraft paper is a product of the future, at the same time from a useable, practical and cultural point of view.